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German Windows Phone Store Highlihgts 3 of My Apps

The Windows Phone store hightlights 20 apps in the app store every day. These highlights are different depending on the region, and are strongly influenced by the number of downloads. In the last few weeks, my apps appear recently at least in the German Windows Phone store. This has a significant positive impact in the download numbers for each of them.

App Highlights in Windows Store Windows Phone Store App Highlights

Yesterday, I noticed by coincidence that probably for the very first time, three out of these twenty apps are from me. And I think this is something to be proud of, as I put a lot of time and effort into these apps that I develop in my personal free time.

Furthermore, the German store is one of the most important in my case. Not because of the language, as a few of my apps are translated in more than ten languages already. But because users from the German region generate 49.2% of the overall in-app purchases, while on the other hand side only 7.3% of the total app downloads.

Let’s see for how long my apps are here to stay in the top listings of the Windows Store. With downloads in range of 2,500 to 4,000 each day, I’m definitely more than happy at the moment.

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