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Internation Student Project in Texas

I was lucky enough this year to get accepted to participate in the international project of the Android programming practicle course of Technical University of Munich in partnership with Texas A&M University in College Station.

Road to Houston Road to Houston

Furthermore, as this project was about developing a showcase of a space robot powered by NASA certified hardware developed by the US team, which however can be controlled using an Android application developed by our German team, we also had the please to get invited to the NASA Johnson Space Center.

Houston Space Center Space Shuttle at Houston Space Center

Saturn V Lower stages of a Saturn V rocket

After we completed our project work, we had a few days of spare time left to do a short road tip to Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin. Especially the Hamilton Pool Preserve has been an amazing place to see.

Hamilton Pool Hamilton Pool before we headed further to Austin

But I want to keep myself short here, because a colleague who joined that trip as well wrote a very extensive post named 8500 Miles by Plane, 1500 Miles by Car – University Trip to the US about our time in Texas already. Please enjoy reading it!

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