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250k Downloads in Windows Phone Store

My apps and games in the Windows Phone store reached the milestone of a quarter million downloads.

250k Downloads 250k downloads in Dev Center website

The main driver is SpaceScribble that never had less than 1000 downloads per day within the last month. And in total, is was downloaded 145,521 times already. Not bad, right? This high number in downloads is quite easy to explain. At least since August this year, that game is frequently listed in highlights of the Windows Phone store*. Furthermore, there are 820 user reviews already, with an average global rating of **4.5 out of 5 stars. However, the average rating is very different when looking at different regions individually.

The next goal is obviously 500k downloads. In case the number of downloads stays more or less constant, then this should take just about 6 months. Except I manage to publish another app with similar high number of downloads to speed this up a little.

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