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Three Day Kajak Tour

Due to my upcoming exchange semster to the US, this will be my last semester together with my friend from college. To have one more long lasting memoery, we decided to to a kajak trip together till my hometown. We prepared the Kajaks from rented from the AMH Kajak Club in the early morning, wrote our last exam already wearing our surfer shorts, and then started our trip right after we handed it in.

Kajak Tour Kajak tour from Constance to Murg

In total, our trip lasted three days with a distance of about 125km. And it was indeed an outstanding journey. We have been very lucky with the weather. Maybe even a little bit too lucky. To stay over night, we camped once in a clearance next to Stein am Rhein. The second night, we setted up our tent more legally on the camping ground in Hohentengen.

It is worth to mention that there are 8 watergates and one waterfall on that route. This means that we had to carry our Kajaks from time to time. Usually not a big deal. However, with all that stuff we had with us this was honstly quite exhausing.

Kajak Carrying Timo and me carrying our Kajaks

In case you ever plan do to something similar, then I would have the following hints for your:

  • Lifejackets: Not just for your own safety, but also for your comfort. I used them as a mat for my feets, or to sit on top.
  • Biking gloves: To ensure you are not getting painful blisters after the first day.
  • Sun blocker: Lots of it. Trust me. I looked like a tomato after that trip.
  • Lots of beverages: At least we ran out of beer more quickly than we planned.
  • Garbage bags: To make sure you don’t leave anything behind. But you can also use it to protect other things to not get wet.
  • Kajak trolly: This is a real lifesaver due to the many times we had to carry the packed kajaks.
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