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Ortstock Panorama

Rocking the Ortstock

Yesterday, together with some friends we drove to Biblisthal in Switzerland to hike the Ortstock peak, which is located at an elevation of 2,717 m (or 8,914 ft) on the border between the cantons of Schwyz and Glarus. Due to the sunny weekend weather, it was not really hard to get the motiviation need for this. And what started as a slow-paced hike ended up in a strenuous effort.

Ortstock hike Halfway to the Ortstock’s peak

Here are some fun facts about our hike:

  • Total distance: 19 km
  • Altitude: more than 1,300m each way
  • Duration: about 9 hours (incl. a few breaks and enjoyful peak beer)
  • Energy consumption: about 3,800 kcals

Ortstock summit Ortstock’s summit cross

This was honestly my first hike in the Swiss Alps. And it was a really amazing experience. Spending some time in such an idyllic and untouched nature really helps to free your mind.

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