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Microsoft AppRevolution Competition

It’s worth checking out the Microsoft TechStudents website from time to time. There, you can find small challenges that can be more than worth it for indie developers like me.

At the moment for example, there is a competition called AppRevolution with the topic Live Tile for any Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 game to qualify for it. Submission deadline is the 2nd of May and the app needs to be publically available in the Windows Store that day. Fortunately for me, both of my games VaderpiXX and AstropiXX that I ported to Windows 8 using MonoGame fulfills all required criteria. Obviously, I’m gonna give it a short.

Thank you very much to my friend Patrick Mutter, who is our Microsoft Student Partner at Hochschule Konstanz University of Applied Sciences for making me aware of this competition.

Update 2013/05/22:

I just got an Email by Kai Jäger, Technical Evangelist of Microsoft Germany that I won a secondary material prize, which is a Microsoft Wedge Touch mouse.

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