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Apps in Telekom Spotlight

Each Windows Phone from Telekom comes with a few apps pre-installed. One of them is Spotlight, which recommends a few apps especially for the German audience every week. By coincidence, I noticed that Telekom is listing two of my apps in the Spotlight app under the Top Apps category.

Telekom Spotlight SpaceScribble (left) and powernAPP (right) in Telekom Spotlight app

Translating the short description provided by the Telekom Spotlight authors:


Spaciges Gekrakel: Highscore-Shooter im Bleistift-Look

Which means something like “Spacy scribble: highscore shooter in pencil style”


Praktischer kleiner Helfer für kurze Nickerchen

That means “Practical little helper for short naps” in English.

Great to see that not just the Windows Store, but also other app listings recomment my apps.

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