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Porting Windows 8 Games Using MonoGame

You might have heard already of Mono. It’s more or less an open source implementation of the .NET Framework and allows to bring your apps developed in C# to other platforms. And beside that, there is also a free implementation of XNA game, called MonoGame, which is a framework for creating powerful cross-platform games. All my Windows Phone 8 games are based on XNA. And with the power of MonoGame, I believe it might be worth a try to bring these games to Windows 8 PC.

I honestly just started a few days ago. But so far, I can say that things are working better than expected. It just took me about 2 hours to have a running version of VaderpiXX running on my Windows 8 laptop.

VaderpiXX with MonoGame VaderpiXX running with MonoGame on my X220 Windows 8 laptop

Of course, the devil is in the details. That game was both a touch and accelerometer controlled game. And the latter is typically not available on most Windows 8 devices. So there are various adjustments of the game required before its ready to be tested and published.

I also had a quick look into how to port the game to Android or iOS. However, this requires an Indie license of Xamarin that is unfortunately not free.

I’m pretty excited to bring my games to Windows 8. Many of my friends have no Windows Phone, but a Windows 8 PC or laptop. So this might be the easiest way to enable them to play them, too.

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